Being a patient at Montana Naturopathic Clinic will bring you new direction in life. Not only will physical health improve, your mental-emotional approach to your health will change. Blockages to good health will open, and you will achieve your idea of perfect health.

Naturopathic Medicine

"A distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process."

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Our Clinic

Our clinic is conveniently located off Kagy Avenue in Bozeman. We see patients by appointment, and we are able to accommodate walk-ins. We also offer in-home visits when necessary.

Meet Dr. Paloma Defuentes

Dr. Defuentes tailors your experience to help you find balance in the four areas of your life.

Our Services

Our services are varied and many, ranging from massage to energy rebalancing to the use of homeopathic remedies/ nutrition care and preventative treatments.

New Patients

The office is open to new patients. We treat all ages, from birth to 100+. We are happy to become your family doctor. We treat acute and chronic conditions, as well as short and long-term imbalances.

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Happy New Year! We are in January, and it’s a good time to strengthen your immune system. It’s cold outside, and we have eaten many holiday foods and have been around many people. All of this can affect our minds and how we feel. Sounds like it’s time for a fast, mental and physical.
Be mindful that, because of the cold, it would be better to fast on warm broths. Maybe just skip one meal one day and drink broth. Keep your kidneys warm, rest and sleep more, and write your goals for the new year.
Here’s to a Peaceful, Hopeful and Healthy New Year!
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Good morning! I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to start sending out regular newsletters via email, as well as sharing them here. Make sure you check out the one that I posted yesterday. If you would like to get them by email so that you do not miss them when they are released, follow the link to subscribe that you can easily find at the top of the newsletter. Have a great day! ... See MoreSee Less

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Paloma DeFuentes, ND
Montana Naturopathic Clinic

Just to inspire you with a photo of a rainbow eucalyptus from Hawaii. Have a nice summer!

Waldorf Salad

Ingredients: Quantity:

Iceberg lettuce 1 head
Salt 1 pinch
Red apples 2
Grapes 1 cup
Walnuts 1 cup
Celery, cooked 1 cup

Celery leaves 1 cup
Silken tofu 2 cups
Lemon juice 2 Tbsp.
Olive oil 3 Tbsp.
White miso 4 Tbsp.

1. Cut the lettuce.
2. Toast walnuts in a cast iron pan, use no oil, or in a toaster oven at 125 for about 20 minutes, or until they start to smell roasted.
3. Cut apples in small pieces.
4. Mix together lettuce, apples, celery, grapes, and chopped walnuts.
5. Blend all ingredients for sauce. It should have a creamy consistency.
6. Mix lettuce and sauce just before serving.
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Adrenal Glands

Are you feeling tired in the morning when you wake up? Do you get a sudden drop in energy in the afternoon? Your adrenal glands are probably getting fatigued.

Kidney and Adrenal glands work as a unit organ. We also have what is called “thyroid adrenal axis” (thyroid function will affect adrenal function). The adrenals make hormones and are a key in keeping your hormones balanced. (Sexual, blood sugar and many others) If your adrenals are fatigued, your body, in general, will feel fatigued. As we age, adrenals need more support.

Here are some tools for you to start healing your adrenals:
1. Regularity in healthy habits
2. Salty taste
3. Enough sleep
4. Warm foods

Come to my office. I can help.
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